Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quilty Stuff

I said before that I was making my first "real quilt," which meant that it wouldnt not be made out of denim, and would be more complicated than sewing a bunch of squares together.

While making a quilt out of diamonds happens to be very similar to sewing together hundreds of square pieces of fabric... it was indeed more complicated.

I quickly learned that I couldn't just line up the edges and sew them together. When I tried it, my diamonds ended up offset, the long edges of the chain of diamonds didn't match up. In order to get them to line up straight, I had to offset the diamonds when I sewed them into strips. I realize I could have made this step easier by strategically snipping off the points in just the right place, however, after cutting all those diamonds, I didn't want to go back and trim them up, and the points actually proved to be helpful when sewing my strips together.

I ironed the seams toward the gray fabric, and the points poked out like so.
I figured out that if I matched the corners up....

And pinned them together before I sewed the strips, the intersections on my diamonds matched up and looked so much cleaner. And it was much quicker than the guess and check (and then pick out a whole row) method I was using before.
I'm sure anyone with more sense than me would have done some reasearch or consulted an expert for advice. I, on the other hand, tend to do things the difficult way and just figure it out myself. Think I'll ever learn?

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