Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Birdie Pillow

This pillow was inspired by this tutorial on UCreate. I didn't follow the tutorial much, but I did steal the idea. I used regular acrilic paint for the branches (works fine, but I think it would lay a little nicer if I hadn't applied it quite as thick), and the leaves are leftovers from this project, and I used the pattern from my little birdie magnets for the bird . I ironed them down and sewed around the edges.

I cut up an XXL shirt that I bought super on sale at Old Navy. It worked out perfectly, because I didn't have to add any buttons or zippers or flaps... I just cut out a square from the front and the back and sewed them together.

It turned out a little too girly to get to live on the couch, but I found it a happy home in The Girl's Room, and she loves it. Now that she's closing in on 2 years, her room is almost decorated to my(I mean her...) liking!


Carol Green said...

That's very tweet.

zeshuregi said...

so cute...i am your new follower...