Monday, March 19, 2012

Murphy's Law

I swear, every time I start feeling like I've got my life in order... something goes wrong.

I was just getting the hang of things, I exercised (thats a BIG deal), cleaned the fridge, and was feeling like I was finally on top of things so I could sew or something...
and then I got sick.

And then it all happened again the next week.
I have come to the conclusion that exercising made me sick --both times. And i'm stickin to it. 
...too bad I know better than that, or I might just quit (feeling guilty about not) working out :)

Hopefully I'm not jinxing it, but as soon as I get my house clean (ha!) and my camera charged, I plan on posting some things (and perhaps going for a run).

Cross your fingers!

The shop is stocked. Go check it out :)