Thursday, April 21, 2011

Smocked Dress Fail



I bought this dress at the end of the summer, and I LOVE it. 


It has some smocking around the bust, and is supposed to double as a skirt.  The high waist line was very helpful in camouflaging my tummy before we announced the baby news, and there is plenty of room for my growing belly. It’s light and airy and I’m so glad to have it to wear during the hot summer months.

So glad in fact, that I wanted another dress just like it.


It was a simple enough pattern, I figured I’d just make the next one…. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out just like it my other dress.  I used linen and lined it so I wouldn’t need to wear a slip.  I still love the fabric, but I’m just not loving how it’s turning out. I haven’t hemmed it yet, and I’m seriously considering picking out all that smocking and turning it into a skirt instead.  So much for that new Easter dress I thought I was going to get….


So I bagged the rainy day sewing project and we made a cheesecake instead :)

How cute is this little helper of mine?


Skye O. said...

I think it looks cute! But I know how it goes...sometimes you just have it in your head and it doesn't quite turn out the same.

& yes...your helper is ADORABLE!!

Carol Green said...

I wish your helper was here!

abby o said...

Darn cute. And the cheesecake was AMAZING. I ate it for lunch today.