Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shoe Clips for Easter

I bought some little white shoes to go with a little Easter dress for my little girl.  I mostly love these shoes, but the butterfly is just a little too cheesy. And not-butterfly looking.
So I made some little flowers to clip on instead.
Want to make your own shoe clips?
To make two flower shoe clips you will need a needle and thread, fabric, two alligator clips, and a hot glue gun.
First cut about 20 2in squares from your fabric.  They don’t have to be perfect squares, as long as they are generally square-ish.  I used a shirt I bought on clearance for some crafty purpose. I THINK it’s chiffon.
Then fold each square into quarters to make a smaller square.  Holding the folded corner between your fingers, cut off the all four corners at once with a rounded edge.
When you unfold your square, you will get what looks like a flower with four petals.
Do this with all of your fabric squares. Each little flower will become one petal in your bigger flower.
Next, take your first flower and fold it in half, but do it a little skeewampus, so the petals don’t line up perfectly with each other.  Then fold it in half again to make a right angle.
Take your needle and tread and go through the point a couple times to hold it in place.
Fold the next flower into a petal the same way you did with the first. Than lay it on top of the other petal, points together, but skewed a little to the right. Pull your thread through to hold this petal in place.
Do the same thing with the next petal on the opposite side of your first petal, skewed to the opposite side. Pull your thread through again.
At this point your flower should have three petals and look somewhat like this.
Turn your flower so the folded edge of the first petal is showing (sorry the picture is a bit blurry). Add the next petal here, and the one after that on the opposite side.  Then add more petals to fill in any gaps or holes until the flower looks round. I used 9 petals in each flower.
Make sure to attach one petal at a time with your needle and tread, and keep all of the points in the same general area.
Your flower should look similar to this one.
Make one more.
Then hot glue a clip to the back of each flower, and be prepared for some seriously cute shoes.

5 comments: said...

Cute. My daughter and I made a bunch to spruce up flip-flops that we bought at the dollar store.

Carol Green said...

I love those feet, too!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

So adorable! Love those toes:)

Steph said...

VERY cute!!! Bet my girl would love a few for the summer! Thanks for sharing!

Otter Hill Designs said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!