Monday, November 8, 2010

Pray for Snow

I have to admit I've been dreading the cold weather ever since it left.  Summer was SO nice, and it has been so fun to play outside.  With the cold weather looming in the near future, all I could think of is wet feet, dirty floors, snowy roads, slushy sidewalks, and the hours and hours I'll spend dressing and undressing a certain little girl in and out of her snow clothes.  But the last couple of weeks I've been getting really, REALLY excited for winter. Crazy right? And I've begun to remember why I LOVE winter.

I love skiing, crocheted hats, cocoamotion, Christmas trees, Beaver Mountain, knit gloves, being able to bake without dying from the heat, skiing backwards, Bogus Basin, wrapping paper, ski coats, cold air, warm food, Christmas tree ornaments, skiing on Christmas day, blankets, sweatshirts, long sleeve T-shirts, all things glittery, snowflakes, fudge, snowmen, my crazy goggles,  and skiing with my favorite guy!

I may need to re-read this post come the end of February... but for now, I do love winter and I'm SO excited for Christmas. Pray for snow!