Thursday, November 4, 2010


I made this fruit for The Girl a few months back, and I love it.  I've been planning to make her some more for Christmas to go with the homemade kitchen I hope to finish.... 

DUKTIG 14-piece vegetables set  DUKTIG 9-piece fruit basket set  DUKTIG 15-piece breakfast set

Then, a few days ago, I found this food at And it's Super Cheap. $8 for the veggies, $8 for the fruit basket, and $5 for the whole breakfast set.

So I have a dilema.

Do I buy fabric, make patterns and sew together a bunch of food (keeping in mind that it IS fun, and I'm quite fond and proud of the fruit I've already made, but there is ABOSULTELY NO CHANCE I'll be making a bunch of grapes, and I still have at least 12 other Christmas Gifts to figure out).

OR do I spend a quick $21 and save the time and effort?

It's called Opportunity Cost (thank you ECON 1500...).  What do YOU think?


Skye O. said...

BUY IT! I found those last night too and added it to my "buy" list. Too cute & cheap to pass can always make some other food later on. I want to see your homemade kitchen. I've been wanting to get Aliza one, but think I might wait til her b-day. Can't wait to see it!

Carol Green said...

Spend the money ... or ask Santa for them.