Friday, March 5, 2010

Easter Eggs

I made this pile of easter Eggs to sit on top of my entertainment center (wannabe mantle).
You will need:

Plastic Easter Eggs- I got this whole Package at Hobby Lobby for 67 cents
White Spray Paint
Jute Twine
Fabric Scraps
Mod Podge
Hot Glue Gun
I heated a needle over a candle and poked a hole in the top of the egg.
Then I spray painted the eggs white, just so the colors wouldn't show through the fabric or between the rows of just. I used Krylon Flat White. I love Krylon Paint because it dries fast (even when it's cold outside) and it sprays in a fan, instead of a big dot- it works great!

On my first jute egg, I strung the twine through the hole and made a loop. I was originally planning on hanging the eggs from my little pine tree that is still on top of the entertainment center from Christmas.
Unfortunately, it turned out looking way too much like a beehive... so i scrapped the ornament idea and just used the holes to start spiraling my twine.
I glued the Hemp to the inside of the egg.

Then I spiraled the hemp around and around, glueing as I went. Do this until the egg is covered.
It got a little difficult after I passed the widest part of the egg. It was hard to get the jute right up next to the previous row. You just have to go slow and be patient for a few rows and then it gets easier again. Fill in the rest of the space, cut the just and glue down the last little bit.

And it looks like this!

For the Mod Podge Eggs, I just used tiny scraps I'd been saving (I hate to waste any good piece of fabric). I Mod Podged them on just like you would anything else. It's important to use small pieces of fabric- at first i tried to use strips, and they didn't fit well around the curves of the egg.

My next plan is to make some little birdies to put on the tree... I'll let you know how it goes.

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Skye O. said...

very cute eggs. Can't wait to see all your other domestic creations!