Friday, September 14, 2012

Pinteresting: Magical Toilet Cleaning

If you found a magical method for cleaning the toilet... would you try it out? Absolutely.  I mean really, few things are as bad as cleaning the toilet. Except maybe the shower. I HATE cleaning the shower. And window tracks. They've gotta be the worst!


I found this handy little Pin the other day, and thought I'd give it a try. Because really. There have been rings in the toilet ever since we moved in, and I'm not about to stick my hand in there with a pumas stone like my mom suggested.

Bad news is: no magic. Floating the magic eraser in the toilet over night does not in fact magically erase those toilet rings.  When I went to check on it this morning it was lying at the bottom of the toilet.

I must confess: I flushed it. I don't imagine a magic eraser is the most flushable item around... and I was prepared to scoop it out with a plastic cup, had it still been floating on top.  Sticking my hand all the way down there? No thank you. So cross your fingers for me that we don't have any toilet issues. I'm sure worse things have been flushed down the toilet... (One time my little brother dumped a handful of pick-up-sticks in the toilet. It didn't end so well... Ha!).

I'm a big fan of magic erasers, but don't bother with the magic toilet ring cleaning- it's bogus. Too bad. I haven't tried any of the other magic uses from the link- let me know if you do!


Karie said...

I pour in bleach until the water level is above the ring leave over night and flush . It works and is cheaper then a magic eraser

William Cane said...

Magic erasers! if you put a chunk of a magic eraser in the tank of your toilet it will clean every time you flush. Melamine Foam Magic Eraser