Thursday, May 31, 2012


I thought I'd update the few of you who still visit this little blog from time to time....

This little girl:

Has been completely out of her harness for almost a month now. Her x-ray looked really good and we expect everything to be fine from here on out. She goes back for another x-ray in October just to make sure everything still looks good. She's started crawling the last couple of days and she's getting really fast. Look out world! Her big sister is already going crazy trying to keep her puzzles away from this slobber monster.

And this little girl:

Keeps falling asleep while she watches a movie during little sister's afternoon nap.  Poor girl must be worn out.  We went for a walk today and she kept telling me she was lonely.  When I asked her what she thought lonely meant, she said "I just need to go home and lay on the couch..."  hehe, apparently "lonely" is code for "tired," (not that that's something she would ever admit :)

She's also very excited for mom to teach her how to swim. Hopefully it will get a little warmer so we can get it done before we go visit grandmas.

Mr. Domestic has been done with school for about a month, and is officially enrolled in med school.  We're so proud of all his hard work!

Meanwhile I have all sorts of projects and blog posts on my to do list... in fact I'm constantly blogging in my head, it just never seems to make it to the computer, haha.  No guarantees on whether anything is going to come of those posts and projects swimming around up there....

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