Friday, May 13, 2011

What a Week

Big things have been happening around here. 

Last weekend, the husband graduated from college. 

On Monday, he received an acceptance letter from a really great grad school, and we spent the whole week debating which end of the country we are going to pick up and ship off to (ugh, total tangent, but I really hate ending sentences with prepositions. I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to make that one work….). 

On Tuesday, we made a decision, and then changed our minds. 

Wednesday we took a trip to the doctor and found out we’re having ANOTHER GIRL! I’m excited to make her all sorts of pretty things, though I really thought this one was a boy. I’ve been calling the poor thing ”he” all this time.  And it will take an entirely separate post to explain how TERRIFIED I am to raise two girls. In a row. 

Yesterday we made the final decision to relocate to Pennsylvania, sometime this summer. Again, it will take another post to detail all the reasons I could be nervous about this move. 

Today was spent trying to find housing 1800 miles away. Thank heavens for the internet, though we aren’t yet making much progress.

And so the next few weeks will mostly be spent packing, cleaning, and hanging outside with the neighbors while we still have a little time.  Don’t be surprised if things around the blog are pretty quiet.


Samantha said...

You are moving to Pennsylvania just when I get back from Ohio...lame! Oh well...good luck with everything! If you go to Idaho and have time to see me before you leave I would love to see you!

Carol Green said...

... debating to which end ...

Steph said...

thanks Carol.. I was wondering how to help but couldn't figure it out either!

Skye O. said...

Quite a week! Congrats on baby girl! I love that I have two boys together. They are the best of buds & it didn't make baby #2 so much of a surprise!

& Pennsylvania---yipee! Of course we are happy for either one, but this one has perks for us too. :)

Lots of congrats this week!!